Saturday, December 1, 2018

VEDAVOO - 12 Days for the Holidays

So, it's not typical that I slide another entry in on the same day that I've already posted on T.F.M. but Scott Hunter of Vedavoo tipped me off earlier today that he was kicking off the 12 Days for the Holidays promotion.  I figured that it was worth a share to put this on everyone's radar.

For the next dozen days, Vedavoo will be offering one choice piece of gear each day with up to a 20% discount and along the way they will be releasing some new (yet unseen) gear as well.  There is one "top secret" piece that I am especially excited about that we'll all see for the first time in a few days.

To kick things off, Vedavoo is offering their newly released Hot Shot Rod Holster for 20% off.  Don't delay as this deal will be replaced with the next sometime tomorrow.

Check out the Vedavoo website and have a look around.  What do you have on your Christmas list? 

Be sure to follow the 12 Days for the Holidays announcements on Facebook and Instagram.  I'll be sharing each of them (as time allows) on the TFM Facebook and Instagram pages as well.

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