Friday, January 4, 2019

ANCHORED WITH APRIL VOKEY - The Jim Bartschi Interview

I listen to a lot of podcasts and it's not uncommon to hear a person interviewed on several different shows but the conversations end up more or less to mirror the last.  While it's true that I've heard Jim Bartschi on several different podcasts, April Vokey's interview on her Anchored with April Vokey podcast unearthed a lot to include his entry into the fly fishing industry and where it's taken him and the Scott Fly Rod Company over the past several decades. 

There is some fiberglass talk but the story goes much deeper than just "Glass Geek" chat and April and Jim discuss why the Scott Fly Rod Company is unafraid to go their own way in rod design and how that has created many iconic fly rods that anglers continue to enjoy years (or decades) after these fly rods were created. 

Check out the Anchored with April Vokey website for this interview and many more.  Consider subscribing through iTunes or listen to the MP3 on the podcast website.

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