Monday, April 8, 2019

A Little Too Early

As the weekend approached, Finn and I knew that we were on our own all day Saturday as my wife and daughter had obligations at church.  Finn wanted to go fishing and when I gave him the option of spending the day on our family pond or taking a road trip to the "secret creek" that a friend had introduced me to a couple of years ago, he was all in to try something new.

I had traded text messages with Jeff of Tribe the week before and he had shared a couple of map pins of where to go so that Finn and I won't get lost and mentioned that it was still a little early, which glass half full me translated as we'd still find fish but might have to work for it.  What he had really meant was that the bass and bluegills haven't moved into their late spring and summer haunts and this made for a really tough day on the catching side of things.  I had a bluegill sniff at a fly and disappear and Finn said that he saw a fish.  Oh well.

What did go well was putting a fly rod in Finn's hand (without the option of falling back on a spinning rod as we left them at home), skipping rocks across the creek with the record number of skips being nine, seeing a few turkeys on the road, finding a feral pig trap in the woods, enjoying several trail hikes with everything in bloom and a great lunch off the tailgate of the Element of noodles on the stove top and cookies from the oven.  Not a bad way to spend an early spring Saturday.

We'll be back and likely bring back the whole family.  Once things warm up a bit it'll be the perfect place to teach our children (wife wants to learn too) the finer points of fly fishing in moving water.


John Smalldridge said...

Nice looking outing! Have you ever tried hunting for morel mushrooms? Its about the right time for them.

Ryan S said...

That oven/stove is awesome!