Friday, April 3, 2020

THE ROAD TO 300K - Distancing Dinner

I'm not sure what your coronavirus pandemic situation looks like but I have never been more grateful to be living on family land as now.  We have a a couple hundred acres and a large pond to roam with pine needle covered trails, fields and sand tracks.  It's never felt sweeter than now.

The other night we packed up the Element and drove into the upper area of the pond for some quiet time and dinner.  We made our tailgate dinner favorite of ramen with the fixings which meant that we maybe spent $2.00 for this meal but watching the evening light washed across the other side of the pond was worth so much more. 

I've had a few people on Instagram ask what our ramen recipe is and it's really simple with tasty results.

Pick your favorite flavor (Except the shrimp flavor.  Who actually eats that one?) ramen.  Bring your water to a boil.  Drop in the noodles and get them separated when they soften.  Add ramen seasoning and when the noodles are about 75% done, drop an egg in the mix and cover.  Let it boil for another minute or so before turning the heat off.  Let it sit until the egg is fully poached.

In a small fry pan (we swear by Smithey Ironware) lightly saute some strips of beef bologna.

Now that your ramen is done, add the bologna and green onions with a few lines of Sriracha to taste.

For this dinner we were cooking on our Primus Kinjia Stove and this one gets high marks for having great flame control and just a beautiful piece of kit.

Since we're really extra, the Snowpeak Wabuki Chopsticks are needed.  They collapse and the bamboo tips screw off and are housed in the metal tops.  They are worth every penny.

Lastly on gear notes, we've been using our YETI Mugs with ramen but honestly, it's like eating the fires of hell and thirty minutes later it's still burn your mouth off hot.   

After dinner we packed up and headed home since our daughter had an online meeting for a youth group she is part of.  No one knew what the Zoom app was two weeks ago and now look where we're at?

These are weird times but a couple hours down at the pond was a good reset.  As I was slow crawling up the sand track I looked at the odometer to see that we're just a few miles from 294,000 miles.

The adventures continue on the road to 300,000 miles in our 2004 Honda Element.

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