Thursday, July 2, 2020

ORVIS - Virtual Summer Kids' Camp Begins

I don't know if there has been a company within the fly fishing industry that has been more imaginative and thinking outside the box than Orvis.  From countless Facebook and Instagram Live sessions to virtual fly casting programs, they have used this time of the coronavirus pandemic to keep conversations centered on fly fishing daily. 

It's now July and for many parents, they would be sending their children off to summer camp which is unlikely to happen this year.  Orvis has created a virtual Summer Kid's Camp with a six-week program to keep your child engaged with the outdoors and fly fishing.

The Week 1 program is live now on the Orvis Summer Kid's Camp website with more programs to follow in the coming weeks...

WEEK 1 - Mapping & Navigation
WEEK 2 - Backyard Wildlife
WEEK 3 - Fly Fishing: The Basics
WEEK 4 - Fly Fishing: Learning to Fly Fish
WEEK 5- We Love Dogs!
WEEK 6 - Conservation & Activism

From the Orvis presser...

"Orvis, the family-owned outdoor retailer that specializes in fly fishing gear and education, introduces a new weekly summer camp platform offering lessons and activities for kids of all ages who are homebound by the COVID-19 pandemic. Orvis Summer Kids’ Camp seeks to highlight outdoor skills and engage kids in their local ecosystems with topics covering navigation, wildlife, fly fishing, dog training, and conservation.

Beginning today, Orvis Summer Kids’ Camp will release free weekly curriculum that challenges kids of all ages to explore their local environments. The six-part series will feature videos, skill sessions and plans for adventure-driven activities that families can do at home, or close to home." 
Visit the Orvis Summer Kids' Camp webpage for more information and to jump into the curriculum for Week 1. Share your photographs and experiences by emailing

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