Tuesday, August 4, 2020

THE ROAD TO 300K - One Step Ahead of the Storm

We have a nearby warmwater stream that I've talked about before (HERE and HERE) and Finn and I been talking about getting back there for several weeks now.  The thing is, this stream is best if flows are running at 100 CFS or less and we've been in a weather cycle that has been routinely produced afternoon thunderstorms that have kept blowing it out.  With Isaias swirling bands of rain clouds off the coast into the middle of the state, I figured that it was only a matter of time before flows would rocket up and it would again take a few days before we could think about going.

As soon as I got home from work yesterday afternoon, Finn and I grabbed our gear, tossed it into the Element (almost 297,000 miles and counting...), and made a quick dash to the creek.  Being inland  100 miles or so from the coast, hurricanes and tropical storms can bring waves of storms instead of just constant rain, so I figured that we were rolling the dice on getting poured on but we decided it was worth the risk. 

We really only had a couple of hours before we needed to be home for dinner but the trip was well worth it to watch Finn get more comfortable with the fly rod.  I've said it before but there's really no better way to learn how to fly fish than on a pond or creek that has a healthy population of bass and panfish and even though the creek was a little dingy from coming down from the last storm late last week, a good many redbreast and pumpkinseeds rose to his little yellow foam hopper.

I started out standing right beside him giving pointers and reminders on how to roll cast, making sure he didn't have too much fly line out past rod tip, and freshening up his fly with floatant but it wasn't long before he asked me to grab my fly rod and fish nearby.  I like to see his independence when it comes to learning outdoor skills and I have to remind myself that the fun can be sucked out of an experience with too much instruction coming my way.

Finn was stoked to find a large folding knife in the creek almost as soon as we walked into the water.  He spent an hour or so last night cleaning all the gunk, sand, and debris out of it.  I showed him how to use the sharpener that I have and he's working on putting a new edge on it today.   Finding this knife was an important reminder that trips with kids aren't always all about fly fishing.     

We were about forty-five minutes late getting to the car (of course) and as we were driving on the long dirt road out of the forest, waves of heavy rain began falling.  We were one step ahead of the storm and from looking online this morning, flows have already jumped to over 1,500 CFS.

It's unlikely that we'll be back any time soon but that won't stop us from checking the flow charts almost daily.

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Will Garrett said...

Glad you both got out and enjoyed public lands! Always count on a panfish to ensure a good time. Looking forward to getting out there with you and Jeff!

Jay said...

Love the picture with the small hand with the fish!

Tbl_co said...

What kind of rod is your son using??

Cameron Mortenson said...

Will... It is certainly a special place and looking forward to those waters coming down again to get back there.

Jay... Thanks. I do too. Kinda neat to capture those small hands that are quickly growing into larger hands.

Tbi-co... He was using the Red Truck Glass four-weight. One of my favorites and an easy fly rod for him to learn to cast on. I sell them in the TFM Store if you're ever interested...