Sunday, October 11, 2020

GOOD EATS - Souffléed Apple Pancake

With fall comes "apple season" and if you're looking for something tasty, try your hand at making a Souffléed Apple Pancake for breakfast.  It'll likely be a big hit with the entire family.

This is also a good time to break out your favorite cast iron pan (the Smithey No. 10 is perfect for this) and we've started baking ours in the Traeger Pro 575 with great results.

The choice of what type of apple can vary to your own liking.  We tend to use hard fleshed and tart apples with Pink Ladies as our preference and in this case, Jonagold.

Thin Apple Slices to Cover Pan Bottom
6 Tablespoons of Butter
3 Tablespoons of Brown Sugar
Several Pinches Apple Pie Spice
1 Cup of Pureed Apples
4 Eggs Separated from Yokes
1 1/4 Teaspoon of Vanilla Extract
2/3 Cup Milk
2/3 Cup Flour
1/4 Cup Brown Sugar
1 Teaspoon Salt (if unsalted butter was used)
1/2 Cup Pecan Pieces - Lightly Toasted
Start by preheating your oven or grill to 375 degrees. 
Melt all the butter in your cast iron pan but then reserve three tablespoons of it in a small bowl.
Sauté the apple slices with the rest of the butter, brown sugar, and apple pie spice.
In a separate bowl, whisk the egg yolks, and then add the milk, vanilla extract, salt, and butter.  
Gradually whisk in the flour and then stir in the apple puree in this same bowl.  
In a small bowl, beat egg whites with the 1/4 cup of brown sugar until frothy.  Fold this into the batter.   

Pour the mix into the cast iron pan over the sautéed apples and top with the lightly roasted pecan pieces. 

Bake for 30 minutes and check for when done with a fork or toothpick in the center.  Let this rest for a few minutes and then place a plate over the pan, quickly and carefully flipping, so that apples are on top.  

Not required but certainly tasty, in your mixer, pour to taste maple syrup with heavy whipping cream.  Mix until a firm whipping cream and place a generous dollop on top of the slice of the Souffléed Apple Pancake.

What are your favorite fall apple recipes?  I have a few other 'Good Eats' ideas for the coming weeks.

Lastly, if you've been seriously considering a Traeger, send me an email.  I should be getting another batch of promo codes which makes the purchase a little easier on the piggy bank. 

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