Friday, March 12, 2021

LAST CALL - T.F.M. Caps Pre-Order & Superfine Outfit Giveaway

UPDATE - For those of you who placed a pre-order, all cap orders have been shipped and I ran the random number generator last week which picked DAVID HALE SMITH as the winner of the Orvis Superfine Glass 8-Weight, Hydros IV fly reel, and Scientific Anglers Amplitude Bass Bug fly line.  Congratulations and thanks to everyone who made this cap order possible.  It's been great to see these show up literally all over the world over the past few days. 
UPDATE - The pre-order on the T.F.M. Patched Caps is closed but I do anticipate a few extras of each cap.  Look for them in the T.F.M. Store in the coming weeks.

Okay, it's time to wrap up the pre-order of the T.F.M. Comrade and Retro Fly Patched Caps and this is the final call as I'll be sending this order off to the shop on Monday.  Thanks to everyone who's placed an order so far and hopefully a few more orders come in over the weekend.  I really appreciate it.

A few answers to questions that I've gotten so far on these...

First, these are NOT just flat brim hats.  One reason that I choose this style of cap is that you can leave it flat, slightly bend, or give it a big bend to your brim liking.  You can wear this hat just how you like to wear a hat.

Second, the cap has a adjustable strap with a plastic catch.  It works and looks nice on the cap as well. 
Third, I hope to have this order back from the shop by the end of March and all orders in the mail in early April.  I'll keep everyone updated on the exact timeline but so far this seems like it.

Learn more about these caps and the Superfine Glass fly rod outfit (with a Scientific Anglers Amplitude Bass Bug fly line) that someone will win who placed a pre-order HERE.

Want a T.F.M. Comrade or Retro Fly Patched Cap?  Send an email this weekend.  I'll be sending off the order on Monday morning.  Thank you.

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