Monday, April 26, 2021

HUGE FLY FISHERMAN - 6 Day Raft Trip - Part 1

Ben of the Huge Fly Fisherman fame, and a group of buddies, take on the "Yellowstone River" for a multi-day raft, fish, beer, camp, drift, fish, beer, and more fish trip.  He's breaking the trip up in three videos and I'll likely share them since this is a dream trip for me and it's not bad starting your Monday at the office with a thirty-minute escape.

You'll notice Jerms with his #glassisnotdead knit hat keeping his ears toasty and it's got me thinking it might be time to get Rep Your Water working on a third generation T.F.M. knit hat for this fall and winter.  Who's in? 

Check out Huge Fly Fisherman, subscribe on YouTube, and Ben's a fun follow on Instagram too.

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