Sunday, April 4, 2021

MB CUSTOM RODS - Marc Builds Himself an Easter Present

I can tell you that after years of being around and talking to rod makers, their own stash of fly rods is typically meager.  Like you'd expect a rod maker to have all sorts of fly rods that they've built for themselves but in reality they are usually talked into selling whatever they've just built to someone else. 

When Marc Beissler posted on his MB Custom Rods Facebook page this morning of his "Easter Present", I immediately asked if I could share.  First, what he said about McFarland Rod Company Spruce Creek blank is totally true and second, his build on this blank is just stunning.  Right down to his perfect script across the blank instead of along it, the color-match agate guide, and wraps that vanish into the yellow of the blank.  I like his throwback style in penmanship and it's so good to see a rod builder treat himself too.

Marc wrote...  "I treated myself with this McFarland Rods Spruce Creek 6' 8“ three-weight blank for this year's small stream fishery.  To be honest, it's one of my absolute favourite tapers from Mike.  This kid handles everything from dries over nymphs to small streamer patterns. 

Every small stream enthusiast should have one in his/her arsenal.  Go and get your eggs now."

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