Saturday, May 29, 2021

BACK IN STOCK - Recycled Waders X T.F.M. Zippered Stash Bags

Since the Recycled Waders X T.F.M. Zippered Stash Bags were added to the T.F.M. Store awhile back, I've had a hard time keeping them in stock but another box arrived this week with a couple dozen that are up for grabs. 

These stash bags have been very well received and I've had quite a few people get their first package only to reorder a couple more.  I've also had others who've sent Recycled Waders their worn out waders for future projects.  Send an email if you'd like information on how to do that. 
The dimension of the Zippered Stash Bags are 5" X 7" and you'll find that one will come in handy for all sorts of odds and ends from fly gear, golf tees and tools, office pack, and more.
Please note these there were made from worn waders and there's going to be variations in each one.  The color choices from this latest batch are in shades of grey, brown, and green. 
The Zippered Stash Bags are $20 each shipped with a few T.F.M. decals.  Add $10 for international orders to help cover the additional shipping costs.  I can take PayPal, Venmo, check, or credit card for payment.

Interested?  Please send an email or order and the next trip to the USPS will be early next week to get these packages in the mail.

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