Tuesday, June 1, 2021

RED TRUCK X GRAYWOLF RODS - Diesel Glass Custom Builds

There's a lot going on in the "Glass Geek" world right now where either or both Red Truck Fly Fishing and Graywolf Rods are involved.  We've gotten to some of the news and will get to the rest of it in the coming weeks, but I did want to pass along a glimpse of these two collaborating together on several Diesel Glass Custom Builds that are worth a look.

I've been a big time fan of the Diesel Glass 476-3 4-weight for years now and just bought the 5710-3 5-weight so that I'd both in my fly rod stash.  I have a soft spot for shorter 5-weights and neither disappoint.  Along with selling them in the T.F.M. Store, it's neat to see these custom builds being offered as well.

James Park of Red Truck Fly Fishing wrote...  "For the first time, Red Truck Fly Fishing Company is offering rods built on our blanks by Shane Gray of Graywolf Rods directly on our site. 

We’ve handpicked only a few rod builders to work with and feel that it opens the doors to new ideas and concepts in design, as well as the opportunity for our customers to get one-of-a-kind rods built on our popular blanks, by master rod builders. This allows us to take our foundation in creating premium rods and reels, and merging them with highly skilled artists and builders in our industry.  We think you’ll enjoy this collaboration as well as the ones we’ve got planned for the future."

The specifications of the Diesel Glass 476-3 are...
  • 7'6" 4-weight in 3-pieces
  • Handmade cigar grip
  • Snake Brand Guides
  • Clear Anodized Slide Band (reel seat)
  • Color locked purple tipped and antique gold
  • Come with RT yellow aluminum tube and rod sock
  • Wrapped, built and signed by Shane Gray
  • One of a kind!

 The specifications of the Diesel Glass 5710-3 are...
  • 7'10" 5-weight in 3-pieces
  • Handmade cigar grip
  • Snake Brand Guides
  • Black Anodized Coarse Thread Reel Seat
  • Granger Green Silk Wraps
  • Wrapped, built and signed by Shane Gray
  • Comes with blank aluminum tube and rod sock
  • One of a kind!

The Diesel Glass 5710-3 sold last night but the Diesel Glass 476-3 is still available to T.F.M. readers with a $50 discount for the next few days or until this fly rod purchased.  Whichever comes first.

Visit the Red Truck Fly Fishing website for more information.  Follow along on Facebook and Instagram for the latest shop news.

And, if you aren't looking for a custom Diesel Glass build, let's talk.  I can order one for you through the T.F.M. Store as a fly rod on it's own or as a outfit with the Diesel Click fly reel and a complimentary fly line that is a perfect match for these fly rods.  Send an email to get this conversation going.

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