Wednesday, June 2, 2021

TOM MORGAN RODSMITHS - The 25th Anniversary Collection

There really aren't too many legacies left in fly fishing industry and I think that it's great that the folks at Tom Morgan Rodsmiths are taking the time to look back and celebrate Tom Morgan, his work, and what he left in the hands of those who are continuing the work that he and Gerri started 25 years ago with storytelling, video interviews, and more on their website and social media through this year.

This week, Tom Morgan Rodsmiths released the 25th Anniversary Collection which are meant to honor the legacy of Tom and Gerri.  Included in this curated collection are several really special pieces but the highlight for me, even if my piggy bank won't allow it, is the Limited Edition Tom Morgan Hat
Take a few minutes and visit the Tom Morgan Rodsmiths website.  The TMR Blog and the pages under "Tom's Philosophy" are worth a read.  Keep up with the latest shops news on Facebook and Instagram.

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