Thursday, July 22, 2021

TROUT MADNESS - A Day in the Life of Robert Traver

A tip of the cap to 406 Fly Lines for sharing this short film from yesteryear on their Facebook page.  I found it this morning and it's a wonderful snapshot into the life of John Voelker, who wrote in the pen name of Robert Traver for years.  His narration and glimpses of his fishing days in the Upper Peninsula bring a smile for sure.

Anytime I share a story that is Robert Traver related, I have to also share a few previous T.F.M. posts from 2010 that highlight a trip with his grandson (and friends) to Voelker's Pond and around the Upper Peninsula for a few days...

If you haven't yet read Trout Magic and Trout Madness, they are absolutely required reading. 

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