Thursday, August 5, 2021

Smolko's Day Off Alaska Dispatch

In the last four of five years (COVID-19 killed last season), John Smolko of Tikchik Narrows Lodge has treated us with a "Day Off Alaska Dispatch" where he and a buddy take glass rods out on the water and end up with a few banger photographs to share.  This summer's dispatch does not disappoint.  

John mentions below about breaking his ECHO River Glass 5-weight right before the trip and I know from experience that their warranty is one of the best in the industry.  He can get that fixed when he gets back.

Thank goodness for an old school lodge rod for keeping this series of posts going.  You can circle back to see the previous T.F.M. posts HERE, HERE, and HERE.

John wrote...  "Hey Cameron, it's been a wild first half up here in Alaska.  A few unusually cold, windy, rainy weeks to start have finally settled into a more normal weather pattern.  I unfortunately broke my 5-weight glass rod that I normally bring up right before the season but we found an old glass rod laying around out at camp. We always take it out on our day off and have been able to stick a few fish on the mouse with it. "

Want to fish or hunt with Captain John Smolko?  Visit his website for more information and be sure to follow him on Instagram too.

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