Tuesday, September 21, 2021

DRAGONtail - FoxFIRE Fiberglass Short Tenkara Rods Kickstarter

Over the years that tenkara has been around, I've had two wonders.  First, why are the rods always so long and second, how come no one was using fiberglass in the construction?  A shorter tenkara rod would seem to have quite a few applications for small water and fiberglass, especially in a shorter tenkara rod, would likely be a perfect material in a rod that had full-flex capabilities.
Well, it appears that my questions were answered in DRAGONtail's latest Kickerstarter push with the FoxFIRE ZX280 Tenkara Rod.  This tenkara rod starts with S-Glass fiberglass and the tip sections incorporate a glass and graphite mix to stiffen it up.  The multi-length zoom sections can be configured so that this tenkara rod can be used at 9'3", 8', or 6'6" in length.  The ZX280 can be reserved in one of two colorways as well.   
If DRAGONtail Tenkara seems familiar, this company is one part of three different brands which include Moonlit Fly Fishing and Nirvana on the Fly that all fall under Leland Fly Fishing.  There are some great fiberglass fly rod choices from these companies and I would expect that the DRAGONtail S-Glass tenkara rod would be a lot of fun as well.

Jump over to Kickstarter to check it all out and consider backing this project which is already three times past it's funding target.  This project is undoubtedly a go.

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Tom Davis said...

Here's my review of the prototype rod. The production rod is essentially the same but with an official name. http://tetontenkara.blogspot.com/2021/02/introducing-new-dragontail-hybrid.html