Saturday, October 2, 2021

EPIC FLY RODS - Shop the Annual "Blem' Sale"

First things first, from here on out what we have known as Swift Fly Fishing is now Epic Fly Rods.  The name change has been in transition for awhile and it looks like they are still working of getting everything moved over to the new name on the website and social media accounts. 

Swift Fly Fishing = Epic Fly Rods.  Got it? 

Next, it's that time of year when the Epic crew takes all the blanks that didn't quite make the grade with a slight cosmetic imperfection and packages them up as a kit to sell off during the Blem' Sale.  There are some crazy good deals in the mix on kits from the Epic 476 to the Boca Grande 12 weight. 

The whole range is still available and blem' blanks are covered by their full warranty.
And don't sleep on the new Epic Reference Series fly rods.  There are limited numbers of each model and they are still discounted by almost $100 while pre-orders are being taken.  Once they arrive in New Zealand early this month and are ready for shipment, the price will jump up to full ticket prices.
Visit the Swift...I mean Epic Fly Rods website, shop the Blem' Sale and follow along with the latest on Facebook and Instagram

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