Thursday, October 21, 2021

STEFFEN FLY RODS - New Logo & Landing Page is Live!!!

You might remember last spring in this T.F.M. post that Shane Gray of Graywolf Rods had been given ownership of Steffen Brothers Fly Rods as Mark and Tim were ready to retire.  Things kind of quieted down for a bit (at least from the outside looking in) but after shop upgrades and sorting through all the rod building everything that had been packed in a U-Haul and taken from Arizona to Michigan, the landing page for the new and updated Steffen Brothers Fly Rods website went live a few days ago.  Expect updates and more information coming soon too.  I'm digging the new branding logo too.

It'll be interesting to see a full report of the blanks that Steffen Brothers will roll and offer up in the coming months.  There are a few standbys that everyone should have in their stash of fly rods (8' 3/4 weight and (8'-8'6" 5/6 weight to start) but also some seldom seen tapers, like the 8/9 weight blanks in several lengths, that should get rolled again too.
Blank prices are listed at $190 (2-piece) and $240 (3-piece) but the surprise here is the finished fly rod prices of around $500, depending on the number of sections, for a Graywolf Rods custom built fly rod is certainly something to consider getting on the future build list for.

Check out the Steffen Brothers Fly Rods website, get on the build list, and of course, follow along with the latest Graywolf Rods shop news and available fly rods for sale on Facebook and Instagram,

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Unknown said...

I really like their rods. I have 4 that I got back in the mid-80's. I am happy their legacy is continuing.