Tuesday, November 9, 2021

BAJÍO SUNGLASSES - Fishing with Jay in Charleston

As Bajío Sunglasses has just starting to get things rolling, it was announced that Jay Johnson, who you already know from the Pink Farm Ink days, was fixing up a shortie yellow school bus and panga to start a YouTube series dubbed "Fishing with Jay".
You can circle back on the Bajío Sunglasses YouTube channel to follow the full build out process of the bus and the boat and we're going to skip ahead to a couple more recent episodes where Jay touches down in Charleston, South Carolina to hang with the good crew of Captain Scotty Davis, artist Paul Pucket, Mad Mike, and behind the camera lens and drone, Jerms. 

I've been wearing a couple of pairs of Bajío Sunglasses since spring and will share some thoughts on them soon.  I'd also like to try to get Al Perkinson to answer a few questions on what makes Bajío Sunglasses different from the other premium polarized glasses brands out there today.   

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