Wednesday, January 26, 2022

2022 F3T - Common Ground

The Fly Fishing Film Tour is in Montana and Washington for the next few days and if you haven't checked out this year's schedule, it's time to figure out where you'll see the show.

Press PLAY and check out this glimpse into a story from British Columbia...

From Topo Films...

Family has always been an important part of the steelheader’s journey. From all walks of life, no angler is entirely self-taught. Whether from your life partner, your parents, your friends, your guides, your guests, or even your community, it takes a family to make an angler.

Missy MacDonald is no exception. As the owner and operator of The Steelhead House, an intimate steelhead lodge nestled on the shores of the mighty Skeena river, Missy and her partner Darren have been cultivating their steelhead family for many years. You may not be connected through blood, but if you’re in pursuit of wild fish with a fly rod, you’re family to them. And this family isn’t gonna stop growing anytime soon.

Both Missy and Darren are accomplished anglers and stewards of both the resource and the culture. To them, it’s one big family. And in this family, everyone is brought together by common ground.

Check out the Fly Fishing Film Tour website and grab your tickets if you haven't already.

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