Friday, January 14, 2022

ALTERNATIVE TACKLE - The Website Relaunch & More to Come

I've been tracking on Alternative Tackle since 2007 and over time they have amassed a list of rod and reel makers that they work with and often make available custom and one-of-a-kind gear pieces that are flawless in function and form.

I just noticed this week that the Alternative Tackle website went through a huge makeover and it's well worth your time to leaf through page by page and maker by maker to see everything and everyone who's included.  I'm impressed.  

There will likely be more news to share soon on all of this but in the meantime, catch up by checking out the new Alternative Tackle website, subscribe to their newsletter, and be sure you're following along on Facebook and Instagram.
P.S.  Whoever designed the scribble ink fly rod and reel logo gets a pat on the back.  I like it.

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