Monday, January 10, 2022

BER FLY RODS - Starting 2022 Off with Macro Flex Skills

I've said it before and saying it again here that if you're a rod builder who's unafraid to take macro photographs of builds, then you're likely doing things that everyone wants to see in close up.  Taking fly rod build photographs from several feet away is fine but if you are really proud of your high level of handiwork, get close.  It is appreciated and I could gaze at these images all day long.

Look.  At.  All.  Those.  Details.

Paolo Bernabei of Ber Fly Rods is kicking off 2022 with a CTS CrystalGlass Quartz 7'6" 4-weight build that is absolutely gorgeous and this set of images are a super flex of macro photography which is certainly highlighting his many skills as a fly rod builder.

Paolo wrote... "This is a beautiful blank from CTS Fishing in their Translucent Tea colour (which is one of my favorite blank colours) and black signature on my request.

The look of the barrel is classic and sober, even a little vintage which for me is always in fashion.

For the spacer, I used a very prestigious Circassian wood from eastern Europe.  The hardware is brass, smooth and blued in my lab with a special technique used for the restoration of antique weapons in order to obtain a very aged look.  I also added a black POM inlay inserted in the butt cap.

The guides are by Snake Brand and the brown agate stripping guide was made by Ernest Czeladz of Perfect Agate Guides.  The wraps are gold-coloured Japanese silk and black tipping to complete the assembly.

This fly rod has a pleasant and comfortable action, classic of fiberglass but at the same time has a considerable reserve of power."

Check out the Ber Fly Rods website to see more of Paolo's work or to inquire about a custom build.  Be sure to follow along with the latest shop news on Instagram.

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