Friday, September 16, 2022


Here we go.  In previous episodes this week, Simon Gawesworth of Far Bank has talked about fly fishing, essential gear, knots, and now it's time to put all the pieces together to learn how to make that first cast.

Visit the Far Bank website to see their fly fishing companies that include Sage, Redington, RIO Products, and Fly Water Travel.

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Jay said...

I have big respect for Simon but the basic casting stroke he is teaching here is crap.
It's 'wind shield casting' where the pivoting point is the elbow. As you know from your car's windshield the tip of the rod travels in a curve rather than straight(ish).

The basic casting stroke should come from the shoulder joint with the upper and lower arm moving in conjunction 'directing' the tip of the rod. Check out John Juracek's post how to make a basic casting stroke:

99% of all casting instruction(?) videos on Youtube make this or different mistake (upper arm high in the air, etc.)
I don't want to put this comment on social media but it has to be said.