Tuesday, May 10, 2022

MAD RIVER OUTFITTERS - This Orvis Retro Style Reel is BACK

You had a first look at the new Orvis C.F.O. III fly reel in yesterday's T.F.M. post and today Brian Flechsig from Mad River Outfitters takes a deep dive into this heritage fly reel sharing his thoughts on why retro is so darn cool.

Mad River Outfitters puts a lot of focus on their YouTube channel and if you haven't subscribed, you certainly should.


Randall said...

C'mon Brian, read less & talk more. At the very least, the camera guy shouldn't have included the script in view. A great reel it may be (it is), but this "review" is severely lacking. And this is coming from someone who really likes most of the stuff the Brian and crew put out. At the very least, act like you care.

Old Smuggler Fly Fishing said...

I really love this reel! Had one, old version. Looking to buy the new one.