Wednesday, May 4, 2022

MOONLIT FLY FISHING - A New Affiliate Relationship Begins

Hardly a week goes by where I'll get an email or DM through social media where someone is buying a particular glass fly rod and they want to make sure that I get "credit" for it since T.F.M. directly or indirectly pushed them in a certain direction on their decision making.  I'm always happy to help and it should be said that whatever suggestion that I give really has no bearing on whether or not I get a credit or commission from the sale.  It's really all about helping match up ones needs/wants with what is out there that is the most perfect match.     
I only have a handful of affiliate relationships on T.F.M. and one more has been added to the list this week with the addition of Moonlit Fly Fishing.  This company has seen a lot of exciting changes over the last year or so and I really think they are just getting started.  Their Lunar S-Glass and Nirvana SuperGLASS lines have both been very well received and the models that I've demoed (Lunar S-Glass 7-weight and Nirvana 6-weight) have both been winners.

There will be some exciting news from Moonlit Fly Fishing maybe as early as this week.  Stand by...

In the meantime, visit the Moonlit Fly Fishing website and give their fiberglass fly rods fly rods a look. 
P.S.  Don't sleep on the Moonlit All Purpose Fly Line at the current introductory price.  I have a couple fly lines in this taper from another company that Moonlit Fly Fishing now owns and it's a winner.  This fly line has a compact head section that makes this fly line super easy to cast on glass.  

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