Sunday, June 26, 2022

Introducing SKWALA...and the Mild to Wild Weather Sale

I always have my eyes open for new companies that emerge within the fly fishing space and if SKWALA hasn't already popped up on your radar, take a moment to check out who they are.  I've had a couple recent phone calls with Kevin Sloan, head honcho with over 25 years of experience in apparel design, and they have an interesting vision for what they are cooking up in southwest Montana to enhance the angler experience through carefully designed products. 

And, while you're poking around the website, take note that they have a Mild to Wild Weather Sale going on until July 1st with 20% off their entire Carbon and Fusion collections.  It's worth a look.
Leading up to my annual Beaver Island trip (where I'm writing this post from our apartment over the Dalwhinnie), a few pieces arrived to carry along to include the Carbon Jacket, Fusion Hybrid, and a couple pieces from the SOL lineup.  I'm super impressed by the fabrics, fit, and feel of these pieces and look forward to see how they perform on the water.
Check out SKWALA, sign up for their newsletter, and follow along on social media on Facebook and Instagram. This is a brand to watch and follow along with for sure.

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