Thursday, June 2, 2022

PRE-ORDER REMINDER - Moonlit Fly Fishing Nirvana PhoenixGLASS

The other day a package arrived on the doorstep and inside were two loaner Nirvana PhoenixGLASS fly rods from Moonlit Fly Fishing along with matching Moonlit WF All-Purpose Fly Lines.  I took a few minutes to spool up a couple fly reels with the fly lines and then headed to the pond with the 5-weight.

The short story?  If the these two fly rods are any indication (which I believe they are) of the series, then Moonlit Fly Fishing has a winner on their hands.

Here's what I like in the Nirvana PhoenixGLASS fly rod series so far...
  • Build quality and components are top quality for a factory built fly rod.
  • I like the taper and flare of the grip shape which you'll see through the entire series.
  • 2-weight through 8-weight fly rods in the series cover a lot of ground.
  • Fighting butt on the 6-weight through 8-weight.
  • Four-piece is going to make these easy to travel with.
  • These are progressive in feel with power.
  • Risk-Free Return Policy and Lifetime Warranty.
  • These are just flat out fun to fish.
It sounds like the $100 off pre-order pricing will continue until mid-June so if you're interested in picking one (or several) up, now is the time to do it.
Also know that T.F.M. now has an affiliate relationship with Moonlit Fly Fishing and a few coins go into the piggy bank when you click through links in these posts, Instagram Stories links, or the digital banner ad on the sidebar of the page.

If you ever have any questions about what your next fiberglass fly rod should be, I'm happy to hash it out through email or a phone call.

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