Saturday, September 24, 2022

How to Age Gracefully

The other day I received an email from filmmaker Corey Ogilvie and noticed that he had the same last name as the lead in his short film.  I wanted to know more about his relationship with Courtney Ogilvie and he was gracious in providing some backstory that  you can read below.  

Corey wrote...  "My father Courtney Ogilvie is my hero because he stopped his construction career to do what he loves in life: fly fishing.

This was very risky and against all norms for family men in their late forties.  But he didn't care, he made the sacrifices and followed his heart.  Now in his 70's, his obsession has grown and led to his Nile Creek Fly Shop on Vancouver Island, Canada where he sells Vision Fly Fishing products. 

In one day he can easily fish a river, lake and ocean, and I wanted to capture him navigating this natural tapestry as best I could.  We filmed in Qualicum Beach, British Columbia area.  This is where I grew up with my dad.  I knew all the locations very well, so this made production a lot easier on everyone.

Ultimately, this video is an exploration of ageism in our society, and how we can fight to break the norms people expect of us, all the way to the end."

This film really hits home for me as my 76 year old father was laid up in the hospital last week for a few days with some yet to be diagnosed severe pains.  While there, he realized that he needs to be doing the things that he really enjoys more often.  For him that is golf and instead of just once or twice a week, he's planning on getting out much more than that which I am glad for.  Live it up.  Every day.

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