Friday, November 25, 2022

LET'S GET FESTIVE - Free Retro Fly Christmas Koozies for All!!!

The other day I received a text message from the local shop that has done a bunch of work for me in the past with T.F.M. t-shirts and other swag.  They had found a box of Retro Fly Christmas Koozies that were lost on the warehouse from a few years ago and wondered if I wanted them.  What perfect timing.

Instead of trying to peddle these in the T.F.M. Shop, I figured that I'd kick off the holidays by offering them up for free to everyone who reaches out with a name, address, and which color you prefer. No catch but just one for each person. 

I have around 200 of these so it would be great to spread them around and see where they end up.

The two options are red with green stitching and green with red stitching.  Fun, right? 

All you have to do is send an email to  

Just consider this my way of saying thank you to everyone who checks in here daily and follows along on social media.  It is appreciated more than you know.

I'll be packing up orders this weekend and will ship on Monday so you'll have these in time to keep your favorite brew(s) festive and chilled through the New Year.

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