Thursday, December 8, 2022


Out on newsstands and likely already in your mailbox if you subscribe, the 2023 Gear Guide from
Fly Fisherman is out and includes an article dubbed the "Glass Rod Revolution" by Dennis Pastucha.  
This article is a stellar deep dive into where fiberglass fly rods are at right now and I was fortunate to be interviewed with a quote or two as well.  Thanks, Dennis.

I hear that this article will make the internet at some point and I'll certainly share it here when it does. 

Longtime T.F.M. readers might remember that Fly Fisherman highlighted glass in the 2014 Gear Guide with an article that I wrote (that I'm sure editor Ross Purnell had to HEAVILY edit...) and it's good to see fiberglass come back on their radar again.  Fortunately, there continues to be a lot going on in the small 'Glass Geek' niche of fly fishing.  

Pick up a copy of the Fly Fisherman 2023 Gear Guide.  It's worth a read.

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