Sunday, January 22, 2023

6 Cool Things

Maybe it's the winter doldrums (it's been raining here much more than usual) or crafty marketing from the algorithm gods, but a few things have popped up on my radar that I think are pretty cool and figured that I'd put them all together for a quickie T.F.M. post.  

These are all small shop companies that you can feel good about supporting and a few you'll see again on upcoming T.F.M. gear reviews.

I've known Jay Talbot for years now and longtime readers might remember the piece of carp art that he surprised me with way too long ago after a trip to the PNW for #carpcon.  More recently, Jay's Blackbeard Redfish design is really a lot of fun and I am taking this cap with me to Louisiana this week.

Sponsored ads do work and Cling Fishing Products popped up on my Instagram feed the other day.  I have all three of their Mag Grab Series models to demo and review which you'll see soon on T.F.M.  These are Made in Montana and Jared May, owner of Cling Fishing Products, has a lot of innovative juices flowing in Bozeman. 

The Mag Grab Delta is attached to my pack that I'll have with me this week in Louisiana and looking forward to loading it up with flies and lures to see how it does.  The magnetic is REALLY strong and I like the layout for flies and tools to attach.  Bonus points for the bottle opener too.

I have a thing about good socks, shoes, and shoe laces and the Guide Laces, which are Made in the U.S.A. and available in two lengths in a handful of colors, just make sense.  $10 a set seems like cheap insurance.
I've had a few pieces of gear from Artisan Angler over the years but their reinvented Fly Trap XLT and the introduction of the Magnifly have me looking at them again.  I'm 48 years old now and the Magnifly is seeming more and more like something I should keep in my kit.  Dammit. 

This is another Made in U.S.A. offering in a handful of color options and a way to create some "pop" on your fly reel spool.  300 yards likely can be stretched onto several smaller line weight fly reels or a couple saltwater fly reels.

This is a new company that I recently came across on Instagram but I like the idea.  I've been in the tree enough to know that this would come in handy.  Veteran owned and available through eBay.
Okay, that's it for this go around.  Is there something cool that you've seen that should be shared?  Send me an email or slide into those DM's...


Mike Sepelak said...

Love the hat! Have a great trip. Annoy those reds!

Greg M said...

The Yakoda laces are great! Laces on my Simms Freestone boots separated from the core last season, replaced them with Yakoda's laces and no complaints or problems since.