Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Glass Rods. Click & Pawl. Half Set. Loops.

One of my golf resolutions for the year is to walk more and ride in the cart less.  The other thing that I am realizing is that I just have more fun on a golf course when I'm walking with a half set of clubs.  I have a Jones Players Series bag with seven or eight clubs and a few other essentials.  The bag is lightweight and I can walk a 9-hole loop at our local club in an hour or half or so while getting a three or so mile walk in.  
So, with that focus, along with figuring that I'm not the only person that digs glass fly rods and half sets, I have added a new decal to the T.F.M. Shop.  These are three inch squares like the rest in the "Glass Rod" series and if you need one (or several) reach out with an email

And, if you order a box of the Western Birch Retro Fly Tees, I'll toss in a couple of these decals along with the T.F.M. freebie decals.


Unknown said...

Golf? Really? Golf is for people that don't know how to fish!

Cameron Mortenson said...

Welp. I might not be great at all with both. Real talk. HA...