Saturday, February 4, 2023

YETI - The LoadOut GoBox Family Grows

File this under things that I'm stoked about this week.  YETI announced the reintroduction and expansion of the LoadOut GoBox series with three sizes to include the GoBox 15, GoBox 30, and GoBox 60.  Waterproof, dustproof, and durable to handle any adventure.  OCD me really likes how I can keep everything organized with the caddy, zip pockets, and divided spaces.

As a family, we already have a short stack of GoBox 30's around that house everything from whatever camp, fish, and hunt gear we're carrying around and with Finn's golf season starting this month, it's likely put together one that will ride in the car with snacks, tees, gloves, hand warmers, extra balls, and whatever else he'll need.

Visit the YETI website to check out the LoadOut GoBox family.  They sure aren't cheap but nothing I've used so far comes close to the quality and function of these handy cargo boxes.

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