Monday, March 20, 2023

IN HONOR OF "OBERON DAY" - A Lucky 7 Fly Reels Flashback

It might not feel like spring yet where you are but a harbinger warmer days is the annual "Oberon Day" where cans, bottles, and mini kegs dressed in flashy orange and blue will be rolling out of the warehouse of Bell's Brewery in Michigan to far and wide.  It'll take just a few days for it to show up down here in South Carolina.

I thought it might be fun to flashback a few years to a several year project with Vince Huttley where he carefully crafted a set of seven fly reels with the Oberon can metal on the backside of each one.  When complete, they were each housed in a custom Vedavoo Retro Fly patched No-Kink Reel Cover and wooden box, also built by Vince.

I have one of these fly reels and know where at least a couple more of them ended up.  I traded DM's with Vince the other day and he thought he still had one more on his workbench that's available for purchase if some "Oberon Geek" is in need of it.  Send him a DM through Instagram.

Whether you've seen this step by step series or not, here's a fun deep dive in how the Lucky 7 fly reels were made post by post...




Happy Oberon Day.  Where will you find a pint, bottle, or can of this "Sunshine in a Glass"?

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