Tuesday, March 14, 2023

J.P. ROSS FLY RODS - Kimball Art Reel Seats

I don't know if you need an excuse to get in line for a J.P. Ross Fly Rods build or if you're looking for something to add some pop to a build you have going but these Kimball Art Reel Seats are absolutely stunning. 

J.P. and Jeff have been collaborating for a while now and you might remember a previous T.F.M. post on the Beaver Meadows fly rod blanks that are "arted" up. 

There are nine reel seats to choose from but these three are a glimpse of the offerings...   

The Kimball Art Reel Seats can be added to a J.P. Ross Fly Rods build for $150 or purchased separately for $200 to add to your own build.

Visit the J.P. Ross Fly Rods website to see more and follow along on Facebook and Instagram for the latest shop news.  Follow Jeff Kimball on Instagram to see more of his artwork and adventures.