Sunday, September 17, 2023

LEIDERMAN RODS - A Sakura, Watches and the Fall Build List

For better or worse, there isn't a same way that all the small shop fly rod builders "talk" to their customers.  Some upkeep their websites, others email newsletters, and some use social media as the main driver.  Some use it all.  And others are more or less underground with maybe an email address or phone number that you'll need to leave a message on.  Rod builders are sometimes a weird lot...

For rod builder (and watch tinkerer) Matt Leiderman, he has a website but most of his communication is through Instagram.  He lost access to his Facebook page but things still pop up there sometimes.

Overnight, he posted a stunning image of a recent Ijuin Rods Sakura build with a short update and an invitation to get on his fall build list.  If you have a high end build in mind, few do it as noteworthy as Leiderman.

Matt wrote...

"I’ve been MIA from this account lately but still have managed to get some rods out the door over the last few months… I’ve been doing lots of watch work but starting to get some blanks lined up for fall builds. If you reached out and are still interested in talking about a build please send me a note.

In the meantime here’s a Sakura that was requested to be a “springtime in Japan” theme… love the colors."

Visit the Leiderman Rods website and reach out to get on his build list.  Follow along with the latest shop news or watch projects on Instagram on the Leiderman Rods and Mecha Horology pages.

P.S.  If you'd like to see more of Matt's watch work, he chronicled a refresh of an Orvis badged Hamilton Field Watch in this T.F.M. post earlier this year.

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