Tuesday, September 26, 2023

RODMAKER 24/7 - Now Open for Business

Sometimes I wonder if Shane Gray of Graywolf Rods sleeps at night or if he just masterminds his next move in the "GLASS GEEK" world.  Shane recently launched Rodmaker 24/7 and in this post he shares where is came from and hints at what's next.  The few things I've been made privy to will fill some voids in what folks are looking for in fiberglass blanks. 

I'm already seeing quite a few Rodmaker 24/7 blank builds on the internet and the reviews so far have been very positive. 

Shane wrote...  "First, long story short. one of the folks I do business with in Korea sent me a message six or eight months ago saying, " I have a couple of your Graywolf Rods here that someone sent to have them duplicated and because we've been doing business for sometime (supplier of pre-preg, mandrels, etc), what would you like me to do?"  I said, "Copy those babies and send me the price and minimum order quantity."

The blanks came a couple months later and I was knocked out by the premium quality.  So, I started bringing in blanks they already produce, and I added the ones I really like to my inventory for a new business that will fall under Graywolf Rods that I've called Rodmaker 24/7.

The blanks I currently offer are not original designs, just the current line up they have made for several years with a few small tweaks from me.  The focus of Rodmaker 24/7 will be to offer great blanks at a very reasonable price.  Currently everything on the website retails for $69 to $89.

All blanks come with a rod bag and a rod label that you can place anywhere on the blank.  The Rodmaker 24/7 website also has reel seats, grips, rod tubes, guides, and more in both shop grade and premium.   

The website says it a little better with the help of AndyWords from the website ( Andy wrote this... ha) "Connecting pro rod builders and hobbyists alike to great rod making parts at an affordable price.  It is our mission to supply professional and hobbyist rod makers with the best components possible, at an affordable price.  We believe that this enables builders to have more creativity, and push the boundaries of their builds.  We invite you to try out our products, and get started making your next rod today!"

As for the reel seats...  2020 was a bitch for most.  I seemed to make it through pretty good but the supply chain in the U.S.A. was hit pretty hard.  After about the fifteenth call from fellow rod builders looking for reel seats, I figured I had better look into a few new sources for stock.  Minimum orders are high, and even higher when you want anodized or plated hardware, so I bought for myself and have a ton left to sell to everyone else at a damn good price.

What's to come?  Original tapers.  Original models.  Designed and prototyped in Michigan and then made better at a real shop which allows me to offer for sale at a fair price.  You'll start seeing these blanks soon!

Thank you for the years of support and tell everyone to enter code "TFM15" for an additional 15% off any size order at Rodmaker 24/7 through October 15, 2023."

Check out Rodmaker 24/7 to see all the current offerings and look for some additional blanks to be offered soon which should get some serious attention. 

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