Thursday, November 23, 2023


It's Thanksgiving and it's good to have a long weekend off.  Hadley is home from Alaska for a few days, Finn is out of school, we're deep into our family holiday traditions.  We're having a good time and it's really nice to have everyone home together. 

As I get older, and with our children are growing up, I value times like this.  A new reality is that having us all together from here on out will likely be centered around some sort of holiday or school break.

Even if it is a bit sobering to think like that, we're thankful for these days now.          

'Wild Turkey' artwork provided by Tom Bates of Only Bird Art on Instagram and Etsy.  You're likely to see more of his work on T.F.M. soon.

This is also a good time to say thank you to everyone who stops by the website, follows along on social media, sends emails and DM's, and picks up something in the T.F.M. Shop.  Thanks to those in the fly fishing industry who support The Fiberglass Manifesto in so ways.  It's appreciated.

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful holiday with family and friends.  Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.  Cheers...

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