Sunday, March 24, 2024

KOI: Swimming Jewels

As a child, I can remember CBS Sunday Morning being on in the background of weekend breakfast making on the little color television on tucked in the corner of the kitchen counter.  I don't know how long that show has been on but they sure have done a lot to keep the feel of the storytelling the same.

It's not lost on me that I likely sound like the "Koi Judge" when I talk to non-carp anglers about taking trips to Beaver Island and other places to try to get these fascinating fish to eat a fly. I'm okay with that but it does make me chuckle to myself.  Are you that nerd, too?

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Patricia Horn said...

They are pretty cool fish. I bought some mill run koi many moons ago for jug line bait for river flatheads. Guy at bait shop had to sell them listed as fancy carp instead of koi. He bought them from some bait dealer in Arkansas. Well, I had a few left in a basket floating in my parents' pond. My mom felt sorry for them and turned them loose. WE know have a big koi pond.:). I can tell you one thing they are smart and fun to catch on the fly rod. So many colors and variants. Some have gotten very big over the years!