Wednesday, May 1, 2024

COSTA - A Legend Remastered

Here's a fun promo Costa film with Flip and Oliver built around their new Grand Catalina frames.  There is something wonderfully retro looking with the matte black frames and gold mirror lenses.  Along with the shortie film, there's more to the story on the "A Legend Remastered" landing page.

Am I cool enough to pull these frames off?  My kids would maybe say no...

Visit the Costa website to check out the Grand Catalina frames and others.  I'm especially excited about the King Tide 8's with green mirror and sunrise silver mirror lenses.  They might be the perfect set to cover all light conditions on the water.  I've retro fit (removed some of the foam) one of the cases so that both pairs can be zipped up together in the included protective square case.

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