Saturday, July 6, 2024


I've been waiting to talk about this for awhile and it's finally here.  Moonlit Fly Fishing has been working on some additions and adjustments to their NIRVANA PhoenixGlass line-up and for a limited time, you can take advantage of some significant savings during their pre-order that runs through July 12, 2024.  

If my math is correct, you'll save $120-$125 (depending on the model) on the pre-order fly rods with delivery promised in mid-August.

Let's talk about what's new and what's different...

First, there's new models with the 6-weight with a full size fighting butt and (this is what I'm REALLY excited about) the addition of the 8'3" 9-weight and 8'3" 10-weight.  I've been demoing both of these new models off and on for the last year and wildly impressed with both.  These are progressive taper with quick tip recovery fly rods that can handle big flies and big fish at a price that is half or a third of fly rods in a similar performance category. 

Second, it's been important for Moonlit Fly Fishing to keep this series around the low to mid $300 price point and with the new fly rods coming, they have upgraded the cork grips (higher cost) and swapped out the metal rod tubes with a Cordura tube (lower cost).  The price will stay about the same with the models with a fighting butt running $15 more than the ones without.

I'm excited about this family of fly rods adding a couple of heavy line weight models and believe this will give "Glass Geeks" another high performance option at a price point that will fit most budgets.

Visit the Moonlit Fly Fishing website for more information on the NIRVANA PhoenixGlass fly rods and get your order in by July 12th to take advantage of the pre-order savings.

Have questions?  I'm happy to answer them as I have experience with most of the fly rods in this lineup.  Send an email to

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