Wednesday, June 4, 2014

G.C.O. Ruby River Fiberglass Fly Rods

It's been just over a month ago since I first mentioned the Green Caddis Outfitters Ruby River Fiberglass Fly Rods and recently a demo of the 6'7" three weight and 7'8" four weight arrived to be added to the T.F.M. Fly Rod Loan Program

As I unpacked the demos and put them together for the first time, I was pleasantly surprised with how nice these fly rods are for the money.  Priced at $119.95, the fly rods in this series are offered in three or four weight and include a fabric rod sock with a sturdy Cordura rod tube.  These fly rods are also four sections which makes them perfect for travel and backpacking.  The quality of the wood reel seat and hardware (even the winding check is metal) is exceptional for a fly rod at this price point and the only cosmetic aspect that I am not all that excited about is the single foot guides which aren't a deal breaker.  All in all these are sharp looking fly rods. 

Last week I had some time to get out in the lawn with both the three and the four weight with reels spooled with Scientific Anglers Supra 3DT and 4DT.  I always figure that there is no reason to over think the fly lines and these are great casting with glass. 

After a few minutes with the three weight my opinion is that it's a magic wand and for everyone that has emailed me recently about a budget priced small stream fly rod, this is it.  The fly rod has a medium action that loads easily and lays out casts to forty feet without issue.  This fly rod roll casts nicely and I can imagine many that spend time on blue lines and bluegill ponds will enjoy this one.

The four weight has more of a medium progressive taper and is a solid fly rod as well.  It handled a four weight fly line just fine and I wonder how it would do with a five weight line to compare.  I'll get out in the yard soon with it to find out.  This is a capable four weight that many will find perfect for dry flies to hoppers and likely could do some nymph work as well without issue.

In my hands the three weight is something special and the four weight ain't half bad either.  I was more impressed with the three weight in the lawn but that might change once I can get on the water with them.      

In a pool that is getting surprisingly full of choices for budget priced fiberglass fly rods, the Ruby River fly rods are ones to consider for the way they cast, offered in short but useful lengths, and made in four pieces which is something that many have been asking for the past several years.

I will be taking these fly rods to Michigan this weekend for a presentation that I am giving at Schultz Outfitters as part of DEMO DAYS and then they will be available for demo at the Michi-Glass event as well in late June.  They will be added to the T.F.M. Demo Fly Rod Program in mid July for those interested in trying before buying.

Check out the Green Caddis Outfitters website for more information on the Ruby River Fiberglass Fly Rods or to place an order.


jack wolbach said...

I have an old and slow Sage rod I would not give up

SanFranDiver said...

So, has anyone cast these on water and/or fished them? How do they compare with some of the more moderately-priced modern fiberglass like Echo and Butterstick. How is the tip bounce?