Monday, November 23, 2009

Mrs. Manifesto's "Diaper Creel" Review

My husband seems to think that I need to explain where I got the idea of taking a manly fishing bag and turning it into a diaper bag. First, let me say that we are a bag family. I was on the hunt for the perfect diaper bag for Finn and as soon as I laid eyes on the Recycled Waders Messenger Creel, I knew it was THE BAG for our little man.

Finn's "Diaper Creel" is very durable and has a soft but rugged texture. Most importantly it cleans up well and withstands baby drool and other baby happenings! It features enough spacious pockets to separate the clean from the soiled, and pacifers and food from toys and hand wipes. Conveniently, it even has a pocket for my iPhone and other necessities.

I really like the fact that the bag is lightweight and easy to carry or to stow. That's a big deal when lugging around a twenty pounder that wiggles constantly, I don't want to be weighed down by a big and bulky bag. The overall quality of the bag is excellent. I am a new convert to Recycled Waders first and foremost because I really love the fact that each bag is made of used waders. Not only is this company doing it's part to protect our environment, but the multipurpose "diaper creel" is sharp and will serve many functions throughout the years.

If Finn's bag could tell tales I'd be interested to know the waters our creel has seen in its former life as a rain jacket or waders. This bag already has personality! I believe that since Finn will surely have the need to satisfy an insatiable wanderlust such as the rest of the "Manifesto" household, the "diaper creel" will journey many beautiful places as it transitions into Finn's own gear bag. Many thanks to R.W. for this outstanding product. Now if only I could convince them to make a large bib, a changing pad, and a pacifier tether for my little future fly fisherman!!!


Rob said...

That's hilarious!

I usually see camping bags/gear and turn them into fly fishing gear. Nice turn around by the Missus.



AWESOME!! and brilliant!

There is nothing more needed to protected from rain than diapers! HA! Keep baby happy then it would be a great fishing trip! : )

Anonymous said...

Nice. We were using an Orvis field bag until a few days ago, when we replaced it with a Sherpani (I wanted my Orvis bag back :))