Friday, February 12, 2010

The Holga Master Delivers!

Well the week of great mail days continued with a large yellow envelope arriving from Brian Schiele, aka "The Holga Master", yesterday.

These prints were a trade for some T.F.M. swag and I now realize that I ended up with the upper hand in this deal. These prints are each very impressive.

Part of what makes these prints so special is that Brian decided to get back into the darkroom after a sixteen year break and developed these himself.

These are two of my most favorite "Holga Master" prints. There is just a wonderful feel to each of them.

At least two of these will be off to the frame shop soon. I can't wait to get them on a wall in our house.

Check out Brian Schiele's website to see his growing portfolio of work and more information on shooting with Holga cameras.


Anonymous said...

WOW! Still contemplating on this Holga thing. How's urs comin' up, Cam...?

Cameron Mortenson said...

Riki...I bet you could get some amazing results with the Holga system. I still haven't played with mine yet. I need to.