Saturday, February 13, 2010

Long Term Review - Conduit Gear Bag

This week a large box of Fishy Kid gear prizes arrived from William Joseph along with a second box containing a MAG Conduit Gear Bag. The next day Paul Swint of William Joseph sent an email that he had sent it along to see what I thought about it knowing what a bag fiend I am.

I spent the evening checking out the features of the Conduit Gear Bag one by one. The ZIP-NO technology is innovative and functions flawlessly. For thirty minutes, while snapping photographs of the Conduit, I kept testing out the magnetic closures of the various pockets and lid. No doubt the Conduit is full of features and I am looking forward to a long term review of this bag since I can see various uses for it from securing gear for trout trips, packing a days worth of essentials for the kayak, and keeping fly reels and other items organized while at the house.

Last night Finn decided to put the Conduit through a series of "stress tests" and was inside and outside of the pack pulling on the pocket doors, standing up inside the bag, and drooling all over it.

" did my wooden fishy rattle end up in here?"

Somebody is excited about the W.J. Conduit Gear Bag!

The Conduit Gear Bag certainly got Finn's seal of approval along with my own.

Look for more reviews in the coming months. Check out the entire MAG line up at your local William Joseph dealer.

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Cameron Mortenson said...

Cutthroat're right. I'll continue to let him kick it around to see if it will fail. I'm thinking not though.