Monday, September 27, 2010

First Look - Cabela's C.G.R. Series

As mentioned in T.F.M.'s IFTD - Day 1 post, Cabela's will be offering a new line up of glass rods called the "Custom Glass Rods" (C.G.R.) in the Spring 2011 catalog.

While at the show, Fly Fishing Specialist for Cabela's, Joe Wolthuis, handed me the 6'6" three piece four weight and promised that T.F.M. would get first looks at the rest of the series as well.

This past weekend I had a few minutes to get outside with this little four weight and have to say that I am pretty impressed with all aspects of this little glass rod.     

I had a little bit of a hard time getting the Hardy Featherlight reel to fit on the reel seat but that's nothing that a little fine grit sandpaper can't fix.

This fly rod has cosmetics of rods that I've seen for twice...maybe even three times the asking price.  I don't mind the dark green blank color at all and the silver tipping and hardware really set it off.

Look for a follow up post in the next week or so with a outline of the five models in the C.G.R. Series and a photograph of the different cork grip shapes used on each model.

If the rest of the series casts as nicely as the four weight then without a doubt Cabela's has a very neat product in their line up for 2011.  

"Big Box" stores typically build budget rods in the simplest of terms by using graphite, basic hardware/grip choices, and expected lengths of 8 foot to 9 foot.  Cabela's broke the mold on the C.G.R. Series with atypical cork shapes, interesting line weight/lengths, and I'm stoked to see a price tag starting at $100.  I am very impressed so far.


Anonymous said...

it will be interesting to see the line weights ,from the picture the rods look nice


awesome! Cameron,

I hope the price is not too high, it would be a great choice for the new people, or for kids.

Alan said...

Sounds like the world is taking notice of glass -again.
I know TFO had a glass rod out last year, year before, and Cabelas never had it in the catalog.