Sunday, September 26, 2010

T.F.M. Spotting - Derrol's Clave Prize

As plans were coming together for the Fiberglass Flyrodders Colorado Clave, Derrol Hammer, a.k.a. kitefly, decided to make a long weekend trip out of it and purchased a plane ticket.  Derrol surprised the group by purchasing ribeye steaks from one of the best butcher shops in the area for the Saturday night dinner and raffle.  Derrol was in for a plane ticket and $200 in meat before even leaving the house.

As Derrol was packing for the trip the day before leaving, he threw his back went out, and was laid up in bed all weekend.  This was a huge disappointment for Derrol and for everyone that attended the Colorado Clave since we were all looking forward to meeting him.

Saturday night of the Colorado Clave came and after a dinner of gumbo followed by ribeye steaks off an open flame, we put all the items out for the raffle.  After a quick discussion it was decided that Derrol was winning the T.L. Johnson Classic Glass fly rod four weight and it was taken off the table. 

Derrol received the fly rod last week and sent along this email...  "Okay, here’s my T.F.M. Spotting entry.  No exotic location since my bad back keeps me from venturing further than the nearest body of water...the fountain on my patio.  This one’s a lifestyle shot celebrating receipt of a T.L. Johnson "Fiberglass Flyrodders Colorado Clave" Classic Glass fly rod from the guys attending the 2010 clave."

Derrol...still bummed you didn't make the clave.  The ribeye steaks were beyond excellent.  I've also got to say that the tricked out Abel reel looks pretty excellent on the T.L. Johnson outfit too.

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cofisher said...

It was a pleasure packaging up the rod to send to Derrol. He certainly went above and beyond the call of duty on this one. Character is the one word I can think of that describes Derrol. Character as in a man of his word. Character as in you are a character. You were missed but in our thoughts. Thanks!