Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Blitz Is Released

Tosh Brown's Departure Press made good on their word and released The Blitz last week which was over a month ahead of schedule.

The Blitz is a coffee table worthy book with interviews, photographs, and experiences that were compiled by photographer Tosh Brown and writer Pete McDonald along the Atlantic seaboard looking for large migratory species on the fly.

Departure Press is giving $5 towards the restoration of these migratory species with each book sale.  When you place your order online you can chose from Stripers Forever, The Chesapeake Bay Foundation, or Coastal Conservation Association for your donation to be sent.

During the making of the book the cameras were rolling as well and this ten minute video gives you a look at the experience of creating The Blitz and the characters involved. 

I just got paid yesterday and placing my order for a copy of The Blitz this weekend.

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Pete said...

Hey Cameron,

Thanks so much for supporting the cause. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed making it.