Friday, July 15, 2011

An Evening With Koz

After taking off from the mulberry carp experience near Ann Arbor, I headed north to Petoskey and met with Brian Kozminski, a.k.a. Koz, to have dinner with his family and then sneak off to a nearby stretch of native brook trout water for a bit before dark.

Koz and I have been friends online for a few years now and I was really looking forward to spending some time with him since I really appreciate the work that he is doing for his local waters as well as his volunteer work with his position as President of the Miller Van Winkle Chapter of Trout Unlimited.  Koz's dedication is evident and impressive.  

Koz gearing up at the vehicle.  This is three weight water with dry flies for native brook trout.  My favorite.

Koz putting the sneak on them.

I only caught one brook trout over the evening but it mattered little.  I was just happy to be there and enjoy a Michigan evening on a sweet tea colored trout stream.

We came out the same way we came in with fern fronds brushing the side of the car on the narrow sand trail leading to and from the creek.

A special place deep in the woods and I appreciate that Koz showed me one of his favorite places.

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