Friday, July 15, 2011

Tom Morgan Rodsmiths Glass Series

There has been a lot of anticipation in the release of the new fiberglass blanks from Tom Morgan Rodsmiths.  These blanks have begun showing up to those that have placed orders and the response has been very positive so far.  In short, they have been worth the wait and delays needed by Tom Morgan to get right by his standards.

Tom Morgan has been very exact on every aspect in the development of these fiberglass blanks from the lengths, tapers, and blank color before they would be offered to customers.  This fiberglass series will certainly be part of his legacy as a rod builder and blank maker.

The fiberglass series includes blanks offered in three weight to seven weight in lengths from 6'9" to 8'6" and are priced at $295 plus shipping and insurance with rod tube and rod sock able to be ordered as well.

A limited number of finished fly rods in the fiberglass series will be offered at $1345 plus shipping and insurance.

Please see the Tom Morgan Rodsmiths website for more information on the fiberglass series blanks.  Orders will continue to be fulfilled as these blanks are completed and ready to ship. 

Shane Gray of Graywolf Rods provided the photographs for this post and this blank was sent to him to build by a client. 

Graywolf Rods has a presentation grade build plan for all the Tom Morgan Rodsmith fly rod builds that he does in his rod shop with hardware specially designed for these fly rods by Joel Lemke, premium wood insert choices, silk thread wraps, and hand milled flor grade cork handles.  

I have the 7'6" five weight Tom Morgan Rodsmiths fiberglass blank on order and plan on Graywolf Rods doing the build work on this very special blank.     

Graywolf Rods can be contacted by email with questions and orders.

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